Roger Rabbit Returns?

Waiting 21 years for a sequel isn't too long right? This week director Robert Zemeckis confirmed to MTV that the long awaited sequel for 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is finally moving forward.

Whilst on the publicity trail for his latest film A Christmas Carol which opens this Friday, the film maker revealed that the guys who penned the original Peter Seaman and Jeffrey Price are currently churning out a sequel screenplay.

Zemeckis, a director known for his love of motion capture technology was quick to reassure devoted fans that this new craze wont interfere with the follow up.

The director explained to MTV News that "The 2D characters from the original movie will remain 2D. They will not be dimensionalized. Not to say there wont be 3D". Adding that performance capture may be used for characters to interact with the 2D toons, "It would be really fun" Zemeckis enthused.

Despite Bob Hoskins claiming he's too old to return as Toon-hating alcoholic Eddie Valiant, Zemeckis tells a differnt story: "He loves Eddie Valiant and he would love to do it" he added to MTV.

This is not the first time talk of a Roger Rabbit sequel has made the rounds. In the early nineties work began on Roger Rabbit: The Toon Platoon a war film set in 1941 involving Roger searching for his mother, encountering cartoons of the Golden Age of animation and his future wife along the way.

A similar treatment resurfaced in 1997 under the title Who Discovered Roger Rabbit? chronicling the bunny's rise to stardom. However both direct-to-video ideas were eventually shelved after some shaky CGI footage and producer Steven Spielberg lost interest.
Should we expect these story lines to crop up in the new film?

MTV claim claim to have more information on the topic and will unveil it bit by bit throughout the week. Watch this space.

In the mean time check out the Roger Rabbit short "Roller Coaster Rabbit"

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