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This may be a little late in the month to mention this, but some of my work can be seen in this month's issue of Total Film Magazine, that's issue 154.

During my time at Total Film towers i was lucky enough to write a few features and reviews, having a Buzz feature regarding the upcoming 13 Tzameti rehash printed in issue 153.

This time around i was able to write a shortlist. A top ten movie moments, or sequences or pretty much anything really, i was allowed free range.

I finally settled on a Top Ten celebrity meltdown moments, which can be read on page 26.

So if you have a copy check it out, or if your like me and just go into W H Smith read the magazines then leave, then that's cool too.

Either way, let me know what you think!

Not on the box.

England. Grey, depressing England. In many ways it’s a bit like America’s younger brother, doing handstands, shouting for attention; constantly running to keep up.

England makes the best of its situation, and when it really tries you can’t beat British humour: The Office, Partridge, Peep Show all great displays of top limey talent, all sadly overshadowed by the U S of A.

Leaving us inundated with imports, which is good actually. The Yanks do it better; from movies to TV their originality, higher budgets and Hollywood appeal helps take our mind off the depressing nine to five.

But on a closer inspection it seems they keep the really good stuff to themselves, so without further word type-age, here are four shows that you will have a hard time finding this side of the pond.

1. Saturday Night Live.

Started by a then lowly NBC employee Lorne Michaels in 1975, Saturday Night Live is one of the longest running and consistently popular TV shows ever, so naturally not many people here in the UK are aware of it.

A breeding ground for up and coming talent, SNL’s improvisational format helped forge the careers of many of today’s big names. Bill Murray, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell, Mike Myers to name but a few, all cut their teeth at 30 Rockefeller Centre.

Why didn’t it take off over here? Maybe it relies too heavily on predominantly American topical humour and cultural events that may fly clear over the heads of us Brits. Or perhaps it’s because the live format would go out of the window with the time difference.

One thing transcends the cultural divide however: comedy is universal, funny is funny, and maybe that is reason enough to see it in some form on our screens.

Although somehow “Live from Stoke it’s Saturday night” just doesn’t have the same ring to it . . .

2. The Late Show with David Letterman.

The longest running talk show host after Johnny Carson (who? I hear England cry) David Letterman paved the way for a new breed of talk show, combining interviewing guests from various fields with edgy humour and sometimes bizarre comic segments.

The result puts Jonathan Ross to shame. Letterman’s dry comedic wit gets him both in and out of awkward interview situations, guaranteeing hilarious results.

Top moments over the years? Andy Kaufman’s scuffle with a wrestler, Crispin Glover’s erratic appearance in 1987, Drew Barrymore flashing her chesticles, or more recently Joaquin Phoenix crashing and burning. The Late show has had no shortage of interesting and unusual moments.

You may be able to find Letterman on our shores. Simply search the graveyard slot of some obscure Sky channel and you might be in luck, but it will most likely be a rerun. Although better than nothing, it’s a far cry from the primetime play it so deserves.

3. Late night with Conan O’Brien.

Taking what Letterman had achieved and running with it, former Simpsons writer Conan O’Brien took the talk show format to new exciting places.

Star interviews and silly sketches, Conan’s unusual, wacky style entertained millions during its years on air, producing some hilarious comedy creations.

After all, how many shows do you know with colourful characters such as Triumph the insult dog, a cigar chomping ruthlessly honest talking pooch and The Masturbating Bear, a . . . well you get the picture.

The show came to a close on February 20th of this year, marking the end of a sixteen-year run. Not an episode of which graced our screens.

4. Arrested Development.

Ok so this one may have been cancelled back in 2006 but interestingly enough suffered the same fate here as it did back in it’s homeland.

Arrested Development followed the problems of the wealthy yet dysfunctional Bluth family lead by Michael (Jason Bateman). Lasting three seasons the real charm in this show came from its cast, all of who were on top form.

Accompanying the aforementioned Bateman were, among others, Will Arnett, David Cross and Michael Cera as Michael Bluth’s uncomfortably entertaining son George-Michael.

The show hit a dead end in 2006 after a string of scheduling problems, resulting in its cancellation. Not at all a reflection of the show itself, just an example of the difficulty to gain ratings for a show that its audience can’t find.

If you were watching late night BBC 2 during 2008 you might have caught some episodes of this gem. Although without sufficient advertising of its location, Arrested Development sadly faded away.


The work of Sam Rockwell has always been interesting. Even when part of an ensemble cast he always manages to steal the show.

From weedy comic relief Guy in Galaxy Quest to a crazed murderer in The Green Mile, his choice of role has always been something worth paying attention too.

And his latest, Moon, looks to be no exception.

Having spent three years mining the moon for a cure to the earth's energy crisis, Sam is nearing the end of his service. But before he finally gets to go home he makes a chilling discovery. As the years of isolation and solitude begin to catch up to him he begins to suspect things are not all as they seem.

Co-starring the voice of Kevin Spacey as the ships robot, and directed by newcomer Duncan Jones this looks to be one of 2009's most interesting films.

Moon is released on the 12th of June 2009 in America, but as of yet does not have a UK release date.

Check out the trailer below.

Ghostbusters 3 a reality? We're ready to believe you.

When I was younger I wanted to be a Ghostbuster, it was my ideal job. Still is today.

For most of our generation Ghostbusters was a film we grew up on. So when rumours fired up again about a third ectoplasmic adventure they were met with mixed emotions.

The child in me, complete with toy proton pack, clutching a plastic ghost trap jumped up and down with glee. Whereas the young-adult having witnessed the brutal treatment of another childhood hero (Indiana Jones) began to have trouble breathing.

So what will a third Ghostbusters film mean for the fans, and just why has it taken so long to arrive?

After years in development hell the thanks for a third GB movie should be paid to the gaming industry. The original treatment, written by Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd (Egon and Ray) would have seen the foursome take on hell.

Well . . . a hell that has become overcrowded, spilling onto the streets of New York. But almost from the get go there were problems. Bill Murray shaped problems.

Murray was unwilling to sign on, sighting the fact that he didn’t want a poor third outing to ruin the reputation of the series. And so the script lay dormant.

Rumours surfaced now and again. A third outing without the original cast, a CGI animated feature without Dr Venkman, but the fire almost died out with Aykroyd at one point ruling out the movie for good.

Real progress was made when test footage for a spookily familiar video game sparked excitement, enough excitement to rouse the elusive Murray.

Pretty soon after the cast signed on to provide voice talent. By making use of Ramis and Aykroyd’s unused script, Ghostbusters 3: Hellbent became Ghostbusters: The Video Game.

But the excitement didn’t stop there. With Murray’s renewed interest in the property, the wheels began turning once more towards a third feature film. In his own words: “its promising, its never looked promising before”.

By early 2009 it was official; the Internet swarmed and Murray, Aykroyd and Ramis couldn’t do an interview without it getting a mention. But what news is legitimate?

It’s comforting to know that Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, two writers from the Emmy Award winning American Office are penning a script. Stupnitsky having been trained by Ramis should have the humour covered and the ability to breathe new life into the script.

Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray will all reprise their roles, this time appearing as mentor figures to a younger group of Ghoul grapplers.

And it’s hard to not feel warm and fuzzy inside at the news that Rick Moranis, the original nerd, will come out of retirement to play Louis Tully. A character that a third film just wouldn’t be complete without.

As for Sigourney Weaver, having declined to be apart of the video game there is still no word yet on whether she will return as Dana Barrett. Just the vow of a determined Aykroyd, “hopefully, Sigourney will be in it. I know we’ll make that happen." Having come this far it would be a shame to see her absent from GB3.

With Judd Apatow squashing rumours that his clan will be taking the reins, as yet there is no word on whether series vet Ivan Reitman will return to direct. However with new information surfacing each week, anything is possible.

Sadly we will have to wait until at least 2011 to see any footage but it seems strapping on the proton packs one more time might not be such a scary though after all.

In the mean time check out the trailer for Ghostbusters: The Video Game to wet your appetite, released 19th June 2009.

And marvel at the fact that I went this whole blog without using the phrase “Who you gonna call?” once.

Except for just then.

Holy shit, Religulous.

Santa Claus delivers presents to every household in the world on flying reindeer every December 25. Ask any adult whether any of this is true and you’ll be met with ridicule. It’s simply a nice story, a tall tale.

Ask some people about the credibility of a talking snake on the other hand, and you'll find that’s part of a major religion.

This is just one of the comparisons made in Religulous, a take no prisoners look at religion and all its hypocrisies.

US comedian Bill Maher (pictured above with JC) is our guide through this unusual world. For many this is a touchy subject; Maher, aware of this goes in armed.

Its obvious he’s done his homework. Loaded with knowledgeable comebacks to any question that may be fired at him, after all he’s not here to poke fun, simply to highlight the absurdities of some beliefs.

Ranging from Christianity to Scientology, Maher leaves no sacred stone unturned. Meeting with everyone from a Puerto-Rican Jesus re-incarnate to the leader of a cannabis church, all with hilarious results.

The finished product is one of the funniest documentaries released this year. Larry Charles, having perfected the faux-documentary style with Borat and Curb Your Enthusiasm carries over many familiar traits, leaving his subjects to dig their own graves and talk themselves into corners.

Splicing in movie stock footage wherever necessary, this is a tongue in cheek look at a very serious subject. Although this may seem contradictory, it proves to be the best way to tackle beliefs that are held in such high regard and yet seem so absurd.

There is of course one major difference between this and Larry Charles previous work: there isn’t an actor in sight, which is a scary fact.

As the message begins to hit home, the realization slowly dawns on the viewer of the serious implications and effects religion can have on the world. The thought of which is guaranteed to linger in your mind long after the documentaries chilling climax.

Scott Pilgrim first video diary!!

Edgar Wright has posted the first video diary form the set of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

It's cool seeing the whole cast together, Wright seems to have the casting down, and by the looks of it, it's a pretty hands on shoot with the focus mainly on the action.

There are many aspects that makeup Pilgrims universe, here's hoping that the same effort is going into the look and humour as well!

Apparently there will be weekly video updates so we might be able to find the answer to this question pretty soon.

More info can be found on the movies official site

Check out the video diary below: