Holy shit, Religulous.

Santa Claus delivers presents to every household in the world on flying reindeer every December 25. Ask any adult whether any of this is true and you’ll be met with ridicule. It’s simply a nice story, a tall tale.

Ask some people about the credibility of a talking snake on the other hand, and you'll find that’s part of a major religion.

This is just one of the comparisons made in Religulous, a take no prisoners look at religion and all its hypocrisies.

US comedian Bill Maher (pictured above with JC) is our guide through this unusual world. For many this is a touchy subject; Maher, aware of this goes in armed.

Its obvious he’s done his homework. Loaded with knowledgeable comebacks to any question that may be fired at him, after all he’s not here to poke fun, simply to highlight the absurdities of some beliefs.

Ranging from Christianity to Scientology, Maher leaves no sacred stone unturned. Meeting with everyone from a Puerto-Rican Jesus re-incarnate to the leader of a cannabis church, all with hilarious results.

The finished product is one of the funniest documentaries released this year. Larry Charles, having perfected the faux-documentary style with Borat and Curb Your Enthusiasm carries over many familiar traits, leaving his subjects to dig their own graves and talk themselves into corners.

Splicing in movie stock footage wherever necessary, this is a tongue in cheek look at a very serious subject. Although this may seem contradictory, it proves to be the best way to tackle beliefs that are held in such high regard and yet seem so absurd.

There is of course one major difference between this and Larry Charles previous work: there isn’t an actor in sight, which is a scary fact.

As the message begins to hit home, the realization slowly dawns on the viewer of the serious implications and effects religion can have on the world. The thought of which is guaranteed to linger in your mind long after the documentaries chilling climax.

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