The work of Sam Rockwell has always been interesting. Even when part of an ensemble cast he always manages to steal the show.

From weedy comic relief Guy in Galaxy Quest to a crazed murderer in The Green Mile, his choice of role has always been something worth paying attention too.

And his latest, Moon, looks to be no exception.

Having spent three years mining the moon for a cure to the earth's energy crisis, Sam is nearing the end of his service. But before he finally gets to go home he makes a chilling discovery. As the years of isolation and solitude begin to catch up to him he begins to suspect things are not all as they seem.

Co-starring the voice of Kevin Spacey as the ships robot, and directed by newcomer Duncan Jones this looks to be one of 2009's most interesting films.

Moon is released on the 12th of June 2009 in America, but as of yet does not have a UK release date.

Check out the trailer below.

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