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Last night two interesting trailers finally arrived onto the internet, one of which debuted at this year's Comic-con. The trailers in question are Joe Johnston's The Wolf Man and the highly anticipated Avatar, marking James Cameron's return to the big screen after a ten year absence.

The Wolf Man, a remake of the 1941 Universal monster movie of the same name will see Dr Gonzo himself Benicio Del Toro snarl, drool and howl at the moon. He'll also turn into a Werewolf.

Avatar has been heavily hyped, heralded as the movie that will change the way you watch movies, sporting revolutionary motion capture and CG special effects. Paraplegic war vet Jake (Sam Worthington) has his mind placed into a Na'vi, an 8-foot blue alien and virtual avatar; he is sent to help establish a human settlement on the planet Pandora becoming entangled in a war in the process.

Based on the trailers i think The Wolf Man has the potential to be really cool, just as long as it doesn't turn into a repeat of 2004's Van Helsing. Avatar depicts a vibrant war torn new world; hopefully the story has enough substance and coherency to support its state of the art effects.

Catch both trailers after the jump!

Avatar is released on 18th December 2009, The Wolf Man will hit cinemas on the 12th of February 2010.

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