In case you missed it . . .

Some of you may have already seen the feel good Swedish Vampire flick Let The Right One In, but if you haven't then let this blog serve as a quick reminder to drop what you're doing and find a copy.

Based on the John Ajvide book, it follows the unlikely friendship between a 12-year-old boy and a young vampire who moves into his apartment building. Over time the pair help each other overcome their personal problems and form a heart warming relationship.

The film boasts stellar performances and one kick ass scene towards it's climax (I wont say which one, rest assured you'll know it when you see it). Production has already begun on the unnecessary but seemingly inevitable American remake, Let Me In will place Cloverfield director Matt Reeves at the helm. So take this opportunity to check out the original in all it's glory before Hollywood gets it's grubby fingers on it.

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