A Serious Post.

Earlier today the trailer for the latest Coen Brothers film entitled A Serious Man found its way onto these here internets. I for one love the work of the Coen Brothers, it still impresses me how they manage to move seamlessly in and out of the mainstream. By the looks of this trailer and its cast you would never have guessed that their last film boasted Hollywood's biggest names.

Set in 1967 A Serious Man is the story of Larry Gopnik a university physics professor who has just been told that his wife is leaving him for a fellow colleague. What follows is the collapse of his life, burdened by his unemployable brother, unruly son and daughter and an anonymous letter writer who is trying to sabotage his job, Larry needs help. He seeks the advice of three rabbis to help him become a righteous person, a serious man.

The Coen's seem to be back on familiar territory with a low-key indie film, a place where they more often than not produce their best work. And don't think a lesser-known cast means a less interesting film, on the contrary, after watching this trailer all you'll want to do is discover more about A Serious Man.

A Serious Man is released on 20th November 2009.

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