Behold: Comic-con. Each year all manner of Wolverine wannabe’s, young padawan apprentices and people who are old enough to know better flock to the San Diego convention centre for the three day event. Clutching their first editions, fans get the chance to meet the creators of their favourite graphic novels, attend panels and seminars with the leading professionals and basically geek out until their mum’s pick them up at 8.

Comic-con has also became the place to be to catch the unveiling of exclusive movie news. Perhaps the biggest event at this year’s expo involved announcements regarding the upcoming sequel to Tron, the film released in 1982 that was so ahead of its time.

Tron 2? TR2N? Kingdom of the Crystal Tron? Many working titles have been cluttering imdb since the film was initially announced last year, so first things first, clearing up any confusion the film now has the title of Tron Legacy.

Set around 25 years after the original we find Sean Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) in search of his father Kevin (Jeff Bridges). The hunt takes him through the back of a arcade machine into a technologically advanced world of computers where he discovers brutal battles, some familiar light cycle races and his estranged father.

Lips are tightly sealed on further plot information, however we do know that original Tron director Steven Lisberger is returning as producer, Bruce Boxleitner will reprise his role of Alan Bradley/Tron and the film will star the likes of John Hurt and Michael Sheen. Also it was announced this week that electronic duo Daft Punk have recorded 24 new tracks for the film, which may result in a few Daft Punk-Tron themed shows in the future.

A viral campaign has already begun with faux websites claiming to be run by devoted searchers of Kevin Flynn; Flynnlives.com and homeoftron.com are sure to be dribbling information over the next few months.

Tron was one of the most technologically advanced films of its time and was one of the first major films to use CGI, which was then thought of as a risky decision. As CGI has became commonplace in today’s movie theatres and computers so predominant in society, it’s obvious why Tron has been given a second life.

Tron Legacy is directed by Joseph Kosinski and will be released in 2010.

In the meantime check out the recently released teaser trailer below. Light Cycles with CGI facelifts and two versions of the Dude.

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