Corey Haim: 1971-2010

It was announced today that once teen heartthrob and 80's movie megastar Corey Haim passed away from a drug overdose. Best known as being one half of The Two Coreys, along with his long time best friend Corey Feldman the couple took cinema by storm with a string of hits from the mid-eighties to early nineties.

The double act starred in movies such as Dream a Little Dream, Licence to Drive and most notably The Lost Boys before the pressures of teen stardom took their toll. While both Corey's were plagued with drug addictions, Feldman eventually managed to get back on his feet, Haim on the other hand seemed to be struggling.

After publicly going off the rails, he attempted to start anew. Placing an advert in Hollywood magazine Variety which stated "I'm clean, I'm ready to work" Haim focused his efforts on the reality TV show The Two Coreys and starred in the direct to DVD sequel to The Lost Boys. However, ghosts of old vices soon caught up with him and his clean streak was shortlived.

Whatever your opinion of Haim, today is surely a sad day for any fan of 80's escapism movies. With their big hair and beat up Nike's - the Corey's defined an era of cinema which evokes feelings of nostalgia for anyone now in their mid twenties.

It's a shame that Haim died so young without experiencing redemption in the eyes of his fans and the public. Both on screen and off, he'll forever be remembered as the original lost boy.

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