I Love you Phillip Morris

Emotions fly high in the latest comedic offering from Jim Carrey. Based on real life events, I Love You Phillip Morris follows the unusual story of Steven Russell, a family man who after surviving a car crash has an epiphany and realises he's gay.

After undergoing his sexual revelation, Steven decides to live life on the edge. Scamming money at every opportunity, he becomes a con-man but soon finds himself behind bars.

Whilst in prison he meets the vulnerable Phillip Morris and falls in love, from then on he vows never to be away from his new found soul mate. When Phillip is released from jail early, Steven stops at nothing to be reunited with him, making several daring escape attempts.

Combining comedy with a heartfelt punch of emotion, I Love You Phillip Morris looks to be this year's tear jerker in disguise. Don't be fooled by Carrey's usual slapstick routine, his relationship with Ewan McGregor's Phillip Morris is the heart of this black comedy.

Written and directed by the duo behind 2003's Bad Santa; Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the film promises to have more substance to it than most comedies.

Premiering at this years Sundance Film Festival, early reviews have all been positive for this comedy/drama/romance, or dram-rom-com? (that will never catch on).

I Love You Phillip Morris is released on March 17th 2010

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