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Kevin Smith, like him or loath him there's no denying the guy has had an impact on filmmaking as sizable as the gut he's always quick to draw attention to. From Clerks to the up-coming Cop Out, the indie director has had a career of varied success. Over the years, he may have lost favor with some critics, but despite all his up's and down's he has managed to hold on to a diehard troupe of fans who are all eager for anything Smith-related.

Flocking to his numerous Evening With performances and snapping up as many signed View Askew products as they can get their hands on, the fans have become his rock. Never one to shy away from publicity or the opportunities presented by the internet, when Kevin Smith announced that he was to start producing a podcast with producer and long time friend Scott Mosier, he took one more step forward in interacting with his fans.

Released weekly, (with a few exceptions) Smodcast, a mish-mash of Smith, Mosier and . . . well you're not that stupid, began in February 2007 and is still going strong today. Discussing everything from his personal life to his experiences with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, Smodcast does something interesting and unique.

It breaks down the barrier between fan and director, giving you a glimpse behind the scenes of not only his day-to-day life but the movie industry of which he is a part of. The processes, the decisions from big business suits - Smith's frank explanations of the various situations he's found himself in over the years are delivered in the foul mouthed conversational style which fans of his movies have come to love.

Smith has never been the type to shy away from talking about himself, and at times Smodcast feels like Smith's weekly therapy session, however Scott Mosier forms the perfect co-host grounding the director with his low key witticisms. Mosier is the brains of Smodcast - the cultured traveler to Smith's self-confessed New Jersey-ite. Just don't ask them anything about Helen Keller.

As with any Smith production there's a fair amount of crude jokes and detailed descriptions of all manner of hypothetical scenarios that always tend to lean towards the sexually explicit and are always hilarious. Nothing is sacred and Smith rarely holds back.

It has inspired Smod-art - hilarious paintings based on various episodes and is one of the top rated free podcasts currently available. Whether you're a fan of Kevin Smith's work or not, Smodcast is an interesting look at the man and the business he's in. With equally hilarious co-hosts making the occasional visit and with it being free, you really have no excuse. So go shoot the shit with Scott and Mosier.

Subscribe to Smodcast here: www.smodcast.com

Or listen to Scott and Kevin read live exerts from the Smodcast book, reciting each others lines talking about an unusual form of heroism.

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