Welcome to Zombieland! The flesh eating film with a pulse. First time director Ruben Fleischer provides an interesting spin on the walking dead franchise, creating a film that plays out like a modern teen rom-com if the un-dead had overrun the set.

Adventureland's Jessie Eisenberg once again gives Michael Cera a run for his money playing Columbus, a self confessed geek searching the blood strewn States for companionship. Accompanied by his trusty rulebook - a catalogue of survival do's and don'ts that will no doubt be familiar to any Romero fan, he manages to stay alive. It's all about cardio and wearing seat belts.

Pretty soon he runs into the hard-boiled Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), a loner naming people after their home states as to not get too attached. This tough guy with a tragic past comes complete with a talent for Zombie extermination and a bizarre fondness for Twinkies.

Together they go in search of a new home joining forces with Wichita (Superbad's Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Little Miss Sunshine herself Abigale Breslin), two sibling con women who specialize in taking advantage of Zombie apocalypse survivors.

What Zombieland lacks in story it more than makes up for in blood spurting action and R-rated humour. With rulebook excerpts appearing and interacting on screen and a 'Zombie kill of the Week' award up for grabs, at times the film feels more like a computer game.

Combine these features with a celebrity cameo so good it just has to be seen, (attempting to explain wouldn't do it justice) Zombieland is the most enjoyable twist on the genre since Shaun of the Dead.

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