This is It

Well it's finally arrived. A final bow for the diehard fans. The ones who burst into fits of uncontrollable tears whenever the King of Pop shows his uniquely chiselled face.

If you count yourself amongst that group, perhaps to a lesser extent, then chances are you'll find This is It right up your alley.

Straight off the bat, it should be noted that this is no eulogy, in fact there is no mention of the megastar's untimely death. Instead director Kenny Ortega presents a documentary showing simply what could have been.

It's safe to say that had the shows gone ahead, calling them huge would have been an understatement. Populated by Americas Got Talent-esque youngsters, the show would have involved fireworks, 3D sequences, a Jackson 5 reunion and of course the man himself and all his hits.

Despite saving his voice for the tour, the rehearsal footage proves that Jackson still had what it takes.
However, you get the feeling he occasionally needed to prove himself as the undisputed King of Pop infront of the hoards of younger emerging talent.

In one of the documentaries finest scenes; an impromptu duet betweet Jackson and a young female singer, MJ is forced to remind her who's boss when she verges on out-singing him, done in his own soft spoken way of course. "It's all for love" he keeps reminding us.

There's no denying the tour would have been something special. And for just under two hours you'll forget the negative social baggage and see the talented and focused performer underneath.

You'll be entertained by a great entertainer, which when all is said and done, is what Jackson will forever be remembered for.
This is It is at cinemas now.

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