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When a nugget o' movie news hits the web its new - its news. I try to post whatever i deem to be cool news asap while it's relevant. However as mentioned in my previous post I've been busy lately so inevitably some stuff slipped through the net. So here's a double-bill, some news that just hit the net earlier today, and some old news, some 'Olds' if you will, that people may already be aware of, but keep getting wrong.

The Buzz is. . .

You can't go five minutes without a studio deciding to give some dusty 80's gem a 2009 re-polish or churn out some unnecessary sequel. When word of this news hits more often than not you should be afraid, very afraid. . .

But maybe not this time. Earlier today Aint it cool news ran the story that a remake of the 1986 classic The Fly is in the works - no surprise there. However what may come as a surprise is that director of the original film David Cronenberg may return to write and potentially direct.

Although Cronenberg maintained an interest in the property post 86' he's since been quoted saying that he didn't want to be associated with a remake. Risky Buisness Blog reports that despite these previous statements he is indeed in talks with Fox to return.

There's no denying that it would be interesting to see how he would handle the gruesome transformation with today's technology, but is a remake really necessary?

Rambo V: The Savage Hunt

Before beginning the publicity trail for his latest testosterone fueled outing The Expendables, Sly Stallone decided to address rumours regarding the return of arguably his most iconic character, John Rambo.

An early draft of Rambo V took a interesting path. Shying away from the blood spurting action of the previous entries it focused on the Vietnam vet searching for his father. This soon changed however and Rambo V:The Savage Hunt is now being fast tracked and promises not to disappoint gore fans.

We find Rambo in the Pacific Northwest where he's been sent to clean up a government experiment gone awry. The program in question was attempting to create an elite solder without compassion and motivated by savage rage which soon got out of control.

Que Rambo hunting and shooting and just generally killing things.

Although, Sly's quick to point out that this isn't to be confused with Universal Soldier as he explains to AICN "It's not me fighting some super soldier, it's actually a feral beast, it's a thing. It's this amalgamation of fury and intelligence and pure unadulterated rage, it's before men became human".

A mock poster was released at this years Toronto film festival, check it out above. Expect to hear more about these films in the coming months.

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