Development Arrested?

If too much of a good thing is bad for you, then that certainly can't be said for 2004's Arrested Development. Its brief run gave us a glimpse at greatness, sadly only lasting two lengthy seasons and a rushed third consisting of only 13 episodes. So what went wrong? How did one of the funniest and most original shows of recent years get cut short? And more importantly, will we ever see the Bluth family again?

Multiple award wins, an exceptional cast and packed with more comedy nutrition than a Bluth frozen banana, Arrested Development was the show that no one saw. Due to poor scheduling decisions by Fox the show failed to find it's audience and was subsequently axed. But it wasn't dead yet. With such heavily layered comedy, the show rewards repeated viewings; you hear something new each time, and so as time passed people began to take notice. And as DVD sales rocketed pretty soon floods of fans were left wanting more.

Talk of an Arrested Development movie began as a series climax joke, but these days any news of a big screen outing is serious business. With cast and crew eager, rumours that Superbad star Michael Cera was reluctant to return rubbished and with mega-director and series narrator Ron Howard dropping the occasional hint, the movie appeared to be fast tracked.

But like the Bluth family who are all talk and little progress, development seems, for now at least, temporarily arrested. Whilst promoting his new film Extract Jason Bateman (Michael Bluth) let us know how things currently stand "The script's being written and when Mitch (Hurwitz, creator) is done with it we can go to the scheduling part . . . Once he writes it then, just like any other movie, then it becomes something a bit more real . . . it's got the same life that any other project would have".

So from on saying to another: good things come to those who wait, it may take a while to arrive but a movie is definitely happening, which is great news for fans. If like me you're still impatiently waiting for more, why not enjoy some of the shows finest quotes after the jump.

Michael Bluth: We're not here to talk nonsense to Bob Loblaw.

Tobias Funke: Who the f*$@ stole my hard boiled eggs!

Michael Bluth: Are you bleeding?
GOB Bluth: No . . . well . . . my socks are wet.

Buster, holding Franklin over his nub: “I don't want no part of your tight ass country club, ya freak bitch!”

Tobias Funke: I just blue myself.

Michael Bluth after seeing his family's chicken impressions: Has anyone in this family even seen a chicken?

These are just a few, if I've missed out your favorite add it in the talk back!

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