A Christmas Carrey.

Still looking for the Christmas movie to top The Muppet's Christmas Carol? Well don't give up your search just yet, but in the mean time check out the recently released trailer for this November's A Christmas Carol.

Jim Carrey stars as Ebeneezer Scrooge, the old geezer spooked into rethinking his life. He'll also play all three of his ghostly visitors alongside a supporting cast consisting of Gary Oldman, Bob Hoskins and Colin Firth. Through performance capture; the art of translating real life movement into a digital performance, director Robert Zemeckis hopes to breathe new life into this familiar story.

An avid supporter of performance capture technology, Zemeckis has given us The Polar Express, Monster House and Beowulf with a recently announced remake of Yellow Submarine in the pipeline. And with rumours of a Roger Rabbit sequel utilizing the same technology, love it or hate it, it seems motion capture animation is here to stay. Check out the trailer after the jump.

A Christmas Carol is released on the 6th November 2009.

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