A Vampire movie that wont suck?

Horror films will always be relevant. Monsters, Zombies, Vampires-people will always love the rush of a good no consequence movie scare. The hard part for the moviemakers is coming up with original hooks for a genre that has a track record of being quite hit and miss.

Daybreakers, directed by the German born Spierig brothers appear to have found such a hook. Set in the not too distant future a virus has turned the majority of the world’s population into Vampires.

The few people who remain are hunted down and harvested for their blood. Soon enough, with humans on the endangered species list, the blood the Vampires need to survive begins to run out.

The neck biting world of tomorrow are left with a choice: create a synthetic blood substitute or save the human race.

Ethan Hawke and Sam Neill star as the Vamps-in-control, with Willem Dafoe and Transformers star Isabel Lucas heading up the human resistance desperately trying to rebuild the human race.

Sounds cool right? And the teaser poster and first trailer that were released last Friday back up said coolness.

Having completed filming in 2007 the film’s release has been long delayed. However directors Peter and Michael Spierig want you to know that it does not mean the film is in trouble, “It’s simply because the 08’ slate is full . . .To put it simply, the studio loves the movie and wants to see it released correctly”

They also hint that the footage in the trailer is only a snippet of what the film is really about. This all suggests that Daybreakers could be the film to breathe new life into the Vampire genre instead of sucking it dry (bad pun, I couldn’t resist).

Daybreakers will hit cinemas on 8th January 2010.

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