Scott Pilgrim Vs The Movies.

Scott Pilgrim has a pretty awesome life. He’s in a band; he’s dating the girl of his dreams and he’s about to embark on his very first live action adventure.

The latest comic book film to hit our screens doesn’t involve radioactive spiders, bats or tights but does include ninjas, rock music and vegans with psychic powers. So what exactly is a Scott Pilgrim?

Adapted from Bryan Lee O’Malley’s series of graphic novels Scott Pilgrim Vs The World follows our hero’s quest for a steady relationship and all around happiness. But there’s one catch: to obtain this he must first defeat his girlfriend’s evil ex boyfriends. All seven of them.

That’s the jist. Shaun of the Fuzz director Edgar Wright makes his overseas directorial debut helming the flick, which is a good start. Having perfected the ‘reality with a twist’ look with Spaced, there’s no question he’ll be well suited to tackle Scott’s precious little universe.

Also his photo-a-day blog is a constant source of intrigue. A brief glimpse of an evil ex here, the shooting of a fight scene there and of course the teaser photo’s of the cast. Faces covered with O’Malley artwork, they are enough to leave any Pilgrim-ite hungry for more.

So what information is out there? Well it’s no secret that Superbad star Michael Cera will take the lead as the happy go lucky hero, presumably attempting to break free of his trademark ‘deer in the headlights’ persona for something more quirky. He’ll star alongside Mary Elizabeth Winestead as Ramona Flowers, the girl worth fighting for.

They are the dynamic duo, now for the competition. So far announced: Chris Evans as Lucas Lee the pro skater turned movie star (cough . . . Jason Lee) and Brandon Routh as super-vegan Todd Ingham, That’s right Scott will fight Superman.

And finally strongly rumoured yet not officially announced, Jason Schwartzman will play final evil ex Gideon Gordon Graves.

Big name nemeses aside, the supporting cast are all interesting choices. Names include Arrested Development’s Mae Whitman as Ninja-ex Roxy Richter, Kieran Culkin as Scott’s gay room mate Wallace Wells and Ellen Wong as Knives Chau (17 years old).

Although so far only 5 of the scheduled 6 Pilgrim novels have been released, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World will conclude the story, covering the yet to be released final instalment.

So far so cool, and with Brandon Routh recently letting slip that the film will be animated in parts, this is shaping up to be one interesting and faithful adaptation. As O’Malley explains “Edgar and I have been on the same page about everything, which is pretty amazing!”

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